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Planservice, created in 1989 by a group of engineers with extensive experience in construction management, planning, scheduling and control, was created with the goal of carrying out the implementation of construction projects in industry, corporate and various other sectors of the economy. Currently, with hundreds of projects carried out throughout Brazil, it is considered one of the strongest engineering companies specializing in program and project management.

In its path of success, Planservice highlights the strengths that turned it into a reference in its area of expertise:



Quality Policy

NBR ISO 9001:2015

Quality Policy

In search of quality assurance in the services provided, Planservice's Quality Policy is to:
- Respond to client needs effectively and efficiently, aiming at their satisfaction;
- Continuous improvement of processes;
- Technical development of the staff;
Compliance with legal and other requirements applicable to business development.

Quality Management

Planservice's quality management system is certified according to NBR ISO 9001:2015 (certificate BR-SQ-17488) and is annually audited by accredited agencies to maintain its certification in the following scope:
"Provision of engineering consulting services, project management, project coordination, construction works supervision, planning, scheduling and control, cost engineering, and contract management."

Guidelines to achieve Quality:

The practices of Planservice's Quality management system include the constant review, improvement and adaptation of processes, according to the needs and priorities of each client, effectively and efficiently, aiming at their complete satisfaction, as well as investment in training and development of its professionals by improving their technical and managerial expertise and by continual monitoring in compliance with the legal requirements.


Our mission is to understand and meet the needs of our clients while attempting to understand their projects with the vision of a business owner, seeking solutions through the expertise and knowledge of our professionals, always striving for Ethics, Transparency, and Excellence.
Our Vision is to be considered by the market the Project Management company with the best technical and managerial quality and professionals who are able to add value to the clients business through competence, ethics, proactivity, and the continuous search for the best solutions and results.
Ethics - Transparency, integrity and impeccable conduct in relations with clients, suppliers and employees;
Respect - A relationship of trust, honesty and appreciation among all those involved in the implementation of the projects of our clients.
Commitment - Proactivity and
rigour, acting as the clients
official representative;
Responsibility - Priority in meeting
our clients objectives;
Competence - Experience and
knowledge to anticipate scenarios
and make decisions.

How we operate

Planservice knows that the differentiator of its business lies in the quality of the staff, relationship, and solutions presented to its clients.
It thus prioritizes investment in the training of its professionals, keeping its technical and managerial knowledge up to date.

A fully internal team, with over 70 professionals, including:
- Contract Managers with extensive experience in construction and project management;
- Project Managers with extensive field experience in managing teams and suppliers;
- Planning Engineers with a complete focus on the control of deadlines and project stages;
- Cost Engineers, engaged in cost estimates and cost management of projects;
- Architects with expertise in design analysis and coordination;
- MEP and HVAC Engineers focused on the monitoring of design and assemblies of building and infrastructure systems;
- Comptrollership Team dedicated to ensuring compliance with the contractual obligations of the suppliers and service providers.

Human Capital as a value differentiator

The most important asset in the company is its professionals. In a high-performance team, individual well-being is firmly linked to the well-being of everyone. As each team member contributes with their best, everyone has the opportunity to improve themselves and continually improve their own contributions to the team. As each one is strengthened, the whole team grows, becoming stronger, more dynamic, more effective and, ultimately, a team that has positive results.

At Planservice, we work as a Team

- Teamwork allows for the exchange of knowledge and speed in meeting goals,
optimizes the time of each member, and develops and facilitates the learning of new tasks;
- It is a collective effort of analysis, assessment and solutions. Therefore, victories and
failures are the responsibility of all members involved;
- Dedication to accomplish a specific task/function, but in union with other coworkers with the same goal;
Each one knows what others are doing and acknowledges their importance to the success of the task.

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