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With more than 25 years on the market, Planservice is considered a reference among Project Management companies and provides engineering solutions in areas as design coordination, procurement, planning, scheduling and control, cost estimation and control, site supervision, and all other necessary activities to manage design and construction for industrial, commercial, retail, logistics, services, hospitality, healthcare, data centers and other mission-critical projects. Its differentiator is its expertise in the planning and management of design and construction of projects of any size and complexity. It has successfully completed more than 300 projects in various sectors, throughout the Brazilian territory.
Below is the platform of services offered by Planservice:


Project Management
  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Our experts analyze and identify the strategic options for the implementation of our clients’ projects. We have the experience to offer solutions to mitigate risks related to the PROJECT deadlines, costs and quality as well as the qualifications to control the progress of real estate development ventures in a transparent, reliable, and safe and secure manner utilizing effective methodologies supported by the accumulated experience acquired in the management of projects of various sizes throughout over 25 years of activity.

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  • Planning, Scheduling and Control

    Planning, Scheduling and Control

    A PLANSERVICE possui grande experiência na elaboração do planjejamento de implantação de empreendimentos para os diversos setores na industria de construção, possibilitando programações realistas e aderentes às reais necessidades de todos os envolvidos. A metodologia de controle adotada permite a tomada de decisões para a solução de problemas a tempo, para garantir a manutenção de datas marco estipuladas. 

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  • Cost Engineering

    Cost Engineering

    This is the area of engineering where principles, norms, criteria and experience are utilized to solve problems of cost estimation, budgets and expenses, economic evaluation, planning, and management and control of undertakings.

    Cost engineering goes beyond predicting investment costs, covering the entire construction phase. Cost engineering is applied to the various contractual modes under the same allocation of proceeds through planning, control and monitoring of costs.

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  • Design Coordination

    Design Coordination

    The Project Coordination team at PLANSERVICE is actively responsible for the management of processes that enable the elaboration of projects and complementary technical material, in preparation for the beginning and development of construction work, so as to enable delivery of the project with quality, thereby meeting the operational needs of our customers. Design coordination is extremely important to ensure the logical and efficient execution of the documentation for projects in the venture. Our actions are performed with the required formality and appropriate degree of detailing for the execution of the specific services for each sector.

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  • Construction Work Supervision

    Construction Work Supervision

    We have professionals with training and expertise in the inspection of construction works in the various segments of engineering. Our team is made up of specialists (administrators, engineers, architects and/or technicians) with extensive experience in managing the set of technical-administrative and contractual activities for the implementation of a project. The activities carried out during the work of construction are monitored so as to anticipate scenarios which may help to reduce uncertainties regarding the achievement of the customers’ goals as regard deadlines, costs, quality and other established guidelines.

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Consulting and Advice

Technical Consulting and Advice
  • Technical Due Diligence

    Technical Due Diligence

    PRODUCT DUE DILIGENCE: Elaboration and monitoring of the supply schedule by our team of professionals specialized in Planning, Programming and Control. This schedule is linked to the consolidated physical timetable and will indicate the conditions of ultimate deadlines for acquisition and delivery of inputs, supplies and equipment for the project, underscoring priorities for activities on the critical path of construction.

    ENVIRONMENTAL DUE DILIGENCE: Coordination of Feasibility and Environmental Permit Studies performed by experts in the areas of interest related to the implementation of real estate development construction projects.

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  • Procurement


    Utilization of the best processes of negotiation with suppliers ensuring the monetary values set in the budget and the specifications foreseen in the project.

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  • Technical Inspections for Civil Works and Mep

    Technical Inspections for Civil Works and Mep

    This is the service provided by our team of specialized professionals for the qualitative acceptance of buildings. It is based on the verification of compliance in all the associated documentation, such as blue prints, supporting notes/calculations and project specifications.

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  • Technical Consulting and Advice

    Technical Consulting and Advice

    Definition: "A substantiated professional opinion on a particular subject issued by experts in Project Management.”

    In our company we have a staff of professionals with wide-ranging experience in the various disciplines involved in the Management of Project Implementation - practically all of whom possess college level degrees and specializations - qualified to provide opinions, advise or clarify, as consultants, issues of interest to the customer usually associated with complaints related to the stages of project development and the execution of works.

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